Ja’me Masjid Yokohama is still owing 1 million USD. Let’s help make the House of Allah debt-free today!

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Muslims in Japan is growing rapidly every year.

Yokohama is situated in Kanagawa prefecture’s capital city – the second-largest city in Japan. There are currently around 70 thousand Muslims, including immigrants in Japan (source: [PDF] researchgate.net)

Alhamdulillah, it is delightful to acknowledge that the reformation of Islam is growing dramatically in this land of the rising sun.

With the growing Muslim population in Yokohama, the Ja’me Masjid faces space constraints and cannot accept more congregants (jama’ah).

The Ja’me Masjid Yokohama is still in debt for the construction costs of 1 million USD.

The previous state of Yokohama Mosque:

  • The building was only a 2-storey shophouse
  • Small space, could only accommodate 600 people at one time
  • The crowds had been congregating at the ablution room and outside on the streets
  • Islamic da’wah activities could not be practised
  • Limited space for the homeless Muslim converts to seek safe shelter

The current state of the mosque:

Prayer spaces have been expanded

The mosque can accommodate over 1000 congregants

More da’wah activities are being held

The new facilities added in the building:

  • The kitchen area to get halal food during da’wah activities
  • Conference room for a meeting of the Muslim community
  • Education and religious learning spaces for Japanese Muslim children
  • Additional space to help serve the Muslim converts who seek shelters

The mosque’s construction project is now complete, and it has been opened to the public since October 2020. Since then, the project has helped in meeting the growing demand for prayer spaces.

Despite the completion of the renovation, Ja’me Masjid still needs funding to pay off the remaining 1 million USD debt.

Whereby the cost includes:

  • Expanded prayer spaces
  • The newly added facilities in the building such as kitchen area, Muslim Religious classes and many more.

Let’s Support To Pay Off The Debt Of Ja’me Masjid Through Waqf

Therefore, we at MyFundAction are always on the ground, working to assist Ja’me Masjid by raising funds to help pay off the 1 million USD expansion debt.

Your supports are urgently needed to help support our mission to preserve this House of Allah and da’wah activities in Japan.

InsyaAllah, our little efforts will alleviate the burden of the affected parties as we band together for the betterment of our brothers and sisters in Japan.

Contribute Waqf Shares As A Means Of Benefaction

You can contribute towards as many waqf shares as you wish, not only in your own name but also in the name of your:

  • Parents
  • Family
  • Loved ones

The Perfect Investment For The Hereafter

The reward of helping in the expansion of a mosque is considered Sadaqah e Jariya, which means you and your descendants will continue to reap the rewards from this pious act for as long as the mosque survives, much after your worldly existence ends.

The prophet, peace be upon him, said:

“Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.”

Gain Benefits by Spreading Kindness

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May this meaningful initiative serve as a motivation for others to share and benefit the larger community.

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